This bag has been designed and developed in Dubai. 100% Made in Italy, it has been skillfully crafted by traditional leather manufacturers using the highest quality Italian, French and Swiss components - all personally sourced by the HALM team. 


The Chilluxe and The Tote have been carefully designed and created to be soft, malleable bags, with just the right support to allow a charming relaxed form.  Please note, at first these styles may seem stiff, but they will quickly soften with use to achieve the correct shape.


Your bag has been designed to embrace the natural qualities of the materials used. These will change over time. Individual markings on the leather should not be seen as flaws, but as an exquisite patina with a unique story, which will age beautifully over time.


The bull nubuck used in your HALM bag is of the highest quality and has natural smooth velvety properties. The leather has a ‘writing’ or ‘hand’, which means the direction of the nap changes when you run your fingers over it. Our nubuck has been 3M treated during dying. This allows the leather to have a strong performance against 

water and stains. Keep in mind that the natural look of the nubuck has been preserved by not adding layers of chemicals and plastified coatings.  Over time the nubuck will take on different shades and become beautifully patinised - this is a charming characteristic of the natural nubuck.


Excessive sun, heat and cold can be harsh on any natural and unprocessed skin! Please take sensible care of your bag and it will age gracefully with you ...


- To store, re-stuff your bag with tissue paper or fabric and keep in the dust bag provided


- Roll any detachable webbing straps or chains and place inside the bag (change the direction of the rolling periodically)


- Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or direct light as the leather could fade 


- Avoid locating near a heat source as the leather could become dry 


- Prevent contact with perfume and makeup


- Nubuck: if needed, lightly brush with a nubuck brush; or gently patt with a non-shedding synthetic sponge; or lightly flick with a non-shedding material to remove surface dust and raise the nap.


- Leather: if needed, wipe the grain and smooth leather with a damp soft cloth and allow to dry fully before storing


- Please be careful when your bag is in direct contact with dyed clothing as some dyes may transfer onto leathers


For advice on specific stain removal and aftercare, our tannery recommends Leather Master products


For any further enquiries please email: