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HALM Goes To Copenhagen Fashion Week SS/2022

A Week In Copenhagen with HALM

Photography + Words by HALM

HALM had the pleasure of visiting Copenhagen this month for Fashion Week.

Denmark is famous for continuously being at the top of the list for the happiest place in the world according to ‘World Happiness Report’. Copenhagen is one of those cities, apart from the friendly and hospitable people, the town is rich of places to discover from its remarkable high-quality design and architectures, delicious Danish food, top rated restaurants, infamous canals, museums, and many more.. The most admiring part is the city itself is known for being ‘Green’– an eco-friendly environment with its cycling culture, clean harbors, electric buses, livable home and hotels.

‘Copenhagen Fashion Week’ the Nordic region’s largest fashion event was set for an exciting ‘Spring Summer 2022’ available both digital and finally again, physical live shows since the pandemic.

Denmark— a small country has an impressive fashion scene and the main capital Copenhagen is where fashion talents and industry trendsetter come-together. The event has been known for its unique sartorial gatherings where Scandinavian take on the street in diverse modern minimalistic style and playful aesthetics.

It is a well-known fact that Scandinavians are known to pioneer towards progressive approach on sustainability therefore Copenhagen Fashion Week is no different with this goal— by 2023 they aim to become a ‘Zero-Waste Fashion Week’. This plan is to implement sustainability and uplift Nordic creative visionaries.

Our Swedish Designer + Creative Director Hanna Ransjö supports sustainability and is striving to have as little impact on the environment as possible within the work area. Sustainability is part of the fundamental core and spirit of HALM and one of the main ethos of the brand since it was established. HALM lets the natural beauty of the materials shine through rather than over processing it. We have personally sourced, visited and selected the superior materials and components, all of them coming from smaller family-owned manufacturers with generations of artisanal traditions and craftmanship.

Consciously aiming to use as much of the left-over materials in various smaller designs, avoiding seasons and surplus stock, only creating very limited-edition bags or be-spoke, made to order is part of our contributions to sustainability within this industry. Our goal is to encourage slow fashion with a fresh twist on aesthetics.

Taken by Josefine Rudenstam Seezona’s Head of Public Relations

Sustainability + slow fashion through timeless quality + conscious designing is the very ethos of HALM. Through not cutting corners in any part of the process, and by selecting materials of the highest quality, HALM aim is to advocate a mindset of treasuring what you have, resist the desire to buy fast fashion but acquire quality that lasts— encouraging a ‘buy less – wear more mentality’.

— Designer + Creative Director Hanna Ransjö

This year #HALMteamtravels to Denmark to be part of and attend our first Copenhagen Fashion Week SS/2022, showcasing our limited-edition luxury handbags from the 8th – 15th of August at Fashion Exclusive’s Showroom located in the heart of the city at Store Regnegade. We were kindly invited by Fashion Exclusive to showcase alongside Dubai-based Emirati designers Hashimi and Serrb, and Rønne-based shoe brand Arteana.

HALM’s Limited Edition Handbags Displayed At Fashion Exclusive Showroom

Our Senior Marketing + Business Development Manager – Cheryl Cathcart also flew in to meet and introduce the HALM brand as well as to re-connect with our International retailers and influencers, including Seezona's Founder and CEO Anna Helander and the Head of Public Relations Josefine Rudenstam.

The Bino | Kanel as seen on Creative Director of DANSK MagazineKim Grenaa  

Danielle Maxwell Director of Talent at Untitled Secret NYC and Cheryl Cathcart HALM’s Senior Marketing + Business Development Manager both spotted wearing The Bino | Kanel + Ebony 

Alongside the busy schedule, Cheryl was lucky enough to squeeze in one of the shows by Rabens Saloner which took place by the water at Rosforth & Rosforth (under the bridge) in central Copenhagen. Rabens’ has designed a collection that plays with colours, texture, and fabrics to metallics, transparency, and lightness. Which in terms of weight and radiance– worked together to create a wardrobe that is relaxed, fun, and utterly beautiful. The backstage vibes from the show and the support from the audience was amazing to see after such a quiet and digital year for fashion.

Among a few of her favorite restaurants she dined at, were Cantina and Un Mercato both based with outdoor areas, where she sat outside and took the opportunity to enjoy the cool but sunny European weather and to watch people (one of her favourite past times).

Cantina is a laidback Italian bistro based in the centre of Copenhagen, its open kitchen selection left it difficult to choose one dish. So of course, we ordered a few and returned the following day.

Un Mercato is situated in the ‘Torvehaller’ an established busy food market in the centre of Copenhagen. It is surrounded by local fruit and flower stalls creating a busy yet peaceful ambience. The menu is filled with delicious Anti Pasti’s and seafood selection. It was a great treat to end the week.

@anumsmoods, @livintothemaxx and @cherylcathcart dining in at Un Mercato 

We couldn't leave without getting our hands on the first Vogue Scandinavia Magazine Issue 

Overall, we have loved our first Copenhagen Fashion Week experience from meeting the stylish people of Scandinavia, attending inspiring brands showrooms and fashion shows, indulging into delicious restaurants, and exploring the minimalistic-friendly city!

A successful fashion week had by all – Copenhagen we cannot wait to see you again!