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OFFICIALLY FOUNDED IN DUBAI in October 2017 by Swedish Creative Director Hanna Ransjö. 

THE HALM DESIGN STUDIO in #D3, and the HALM Atelier in #Jumeirah is where the Designer + Creative Director reside along with a small dedicated core team. HALM orchestrate all aspects of the design process, from initial inspiration to delivery; working and developing mood boards, designs, prototyping, branding, packaging, creative content, photoshoots, instagram, website and everything else in between. This is really where everything ‘HALM’ happens, from the creatives to business and operations (fuelled by a lot of coffee, music and laughter...!)

The vision for HALM emerged from a love of the arts, the curated, timeless quality, and functional minimalism. From experiences rooted in diverse fields including luxury hotel management, interior architecture, bespoke furniture design and international fashion design, the design team's combined skills cultivate a backbone for HALM

“Having been brought up with the approach that you should try to buy the highest quality you can afford and invest in timeless pieces, I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for - the right combination of function, visuals, feel, materials, process, and origins involved in making a bag...‘What, Where and How’ is so important to us. After years of research, design development, learning the trade (and buying and dissecting a lot of handbags!)... HALM came about as a limited edition line of luxury genuine leather bags.Hanna Ransjö (Founder + Creative Director)

THE HALM DNA | Each and every HALM bag is a numbered and signed limited edition piece. Timeless quality and functionality are the core of HALM, complimented by distinct Scandinavian aesthetics and design, relaxed understated luxe, and a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Each silhouette has been specifically designed to embrace the beauty and characteristics of 100% genuine leather and its unique natural grain. We celebrate artisanal skill and true craftsmanship at every stage of the process using the finest Italian, French + Swiss components, all personally sourced, selected + refined by the Designer for the making of every HALM bag.

THE COMBINATION OF CREATIVE VISION, experience, aspiration for the highest quality, expertise of the artisans, and a hands-on approach brings integrity and passion to the entire HALM process and product.

THE HALM TAKE ON SUSTAINABILITY + CONSCIOUS DESIGN. Every HALM collection consists of numbered and signed very Limited-Edition pieces, efficiently designed and produced to avoid surplus stock and unnecessary waste.

Sustainability + slow fashion through timeless quality + conscious designing is the very ethos of HALM. Through not cutting corners in any part of the process, and by selecting materials of the highest quality the HALM aim is to advocate a mindset of treasuring what you have, resist the desire to buy fast fashion but acquire quality that lasts – encouraging a ‘buy less – wear more mentality’.

Contemporary and timeless in aesthetics, the collections are trans-seasonal, interchangeable, and complimentary to each other, this gives the buyer the creative freedom to update their HALM bag in a personal curated style through unique combinations of new straps and small leather goods.

HALM decisions are motivated by the respect for traditional craftsmanship and artisanal skills, taking pride in transparency + traceability of material, for this reason HALM will never be mass produced, outsourced, or compromise on quality.

HALM’S TAKE ON THE LUXURY LEATHER HANDBAG has been featured in leading fashion, travel and lifestyle publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and many more. To see more, visit the HALM Press + Social portfolios.




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