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It’s National Handbag Day
and we’re celebrating

Words by HALM

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National Handbag Day, 10th October… this day acknowledges the importance of the handbag and how it has evolved into, to many, an essential item in every-day life. We want to celebrate and recognize the old and new, the timeless items which have been loved, cherished and worn by generation to generation, passed down from grandmothers, mothers to daughters. At HALM this has always been an ultimate goal – if our pieces can be ones that are passed down and continued to be used and treasured, we would feel a great sense of achievement. Each and every bag is designed and created with this notion in mind by procuring the optimum quality, a dedication to the process, and executing a product which is of the highest possible quality.

"I was passed an exquisite leather bags from the 40’s by my grandmother and mother that they both loved and wore at all occasions, the bags are still just as beautiful today - gracefully aged in a charming way, carefully cared for and made of superior quality and craftsmanship."

Hanna Ransjö, Designer + Creative Director

These bags withstood the test of time, in the 21st century where fast fashion is the norm, sadly this is no longer the general expectation we have of our purchases. At HALM we aspire to the bags of the past - a bag to be cherished through generations.

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“Resist the desire to buy fast fashion but acquire quality that lasts – encouraging a ‘buy less – wear more mentality.”

Hanna Ransjö, Designer + Creative Director

It was during the Industrial Revolution that the modern handbag thrived in the United Kingdom…

Samuel Parkinson, a confectionary entrepreneur and industrialist from Doncaster, ordered a selection of different handbags for his wife. When he was traveling and ordering some trunks and cases, he realized that his wife’s purse was too small for everything required. Plus, the material that it was crafted from would not have withstood the journey. Because of this, he decided to order different bags in different sizes for various occasions for his wife. He requested that the bags were crafted using the same leather that was used for his trunks and cases…The first set of luxury handbags was created, as H. J. Cave of London adhered to the orders of Samuel.

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The handbag has evolved to become, to most women, an indispensable and essential item – to us at HALM we want to pay homage to the history of the handbag and celebrate the many designers who have recreated this item paying respect to the quality, craftsmanship, skilful leatherwork, and the artisanal skills passed down through generations that are involved in creating such an item.

“I was always brought up with the approach that you should try to buy the highest quality you can afford and invest in timeless pieces… After years of research, design development, learning the trade (buying and dissecting a lot of handbags!)... HALM came about as a limited-edition line of luxury genuine leather bags.”

Hanna Ransjö, Designer + Creative Director

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At HALM our focus is on conscious design and striving for sustainability. Our mindset has always been one of “buy less, wear more” and one we want to encourage through our collections. Every HALM collection consists of numbered and signed very Limited-Edition pieces, designed and produced in such a way to avoid surplus stock and unnecessary waste. Through not cutting corners in any part of the process, and by selecting materials of the highest quality we aim to advocate a mindset of treasuring what you have, resist the desire to buy fast fashion but acquire quality that lasts – encouraging a ‘buy less – wear more mentality’.

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Contemporary and timeless in aesthetics, the collections are trans-seasonal, interchangeable, and complimentary to each other, this gives you the creative freedom to update your HALM bag in a personal curated style through unique combinations of new straps and small leather goods. All our decisions are motivated by the respect for traditional craftsmanship and artisanal skills, taking pride in transparency + traceability of material, for this reason we will never mass produce, outsource, or compromise on quality.

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Celebrate with us and show us your golden oldies #TAGABAG

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