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#STAYHOME with Gabriella Bjersland


with Gabriella Bjersland

CONTENT CREATOR | WORDs + IMAGES by Gabriella Bjersland

During these current #STAYHOME times we are all adjusting and getting used to spending a little more [all of our] time in the “comfort of our own homes”.... usually this phrase evokes feelings of comfort and 'homeyness' whereas this familiarity of home is becoming perhaps a little too familiar!

As someone who works a lot from home I am quite used to having office and home merge into one... through the years I have learnt to try to separate my office space and my home space to create more of a balance; some good Feng Shui and an efficient working/relaxing space are vital for my productivity as well as being able to enjoy full days within the same environment. I feel I have managed to create a space where I can, as a creative, enjoy my life and work as one as they go hand in hand – my work is my hobby! But it is also about perspective, and separating the times when I work, and when the time is for myself.

I wanted to share a couple of my tips on how I have tried to do this below …

I find it super important to love your own space, and create an atmosphere that inspires you and boosts your creative mind..
I like my space to be bright and open and a lot of daylight is very important for my mental state of mind!

My work desk has to be big and have a lot of space for flowers, computers, magazines, notebooks, my handbags, candles..

You name it! My favourite work accessory is my HALM genuine leather notebook, where I write down all my new creative ideas.

It’s important that I enjoy my space and I surround myself with things that I love; my interior style is a mix of modern and classics.. Lately I’ve really enjoyed adding colours of pink, green and gold.

I am very excited to share an upcoming piece in the June Edition of Harpers Bazaar Interiors : “a typical day in the quarantine life of Gabriella Bjersland” which features my home, some of my favourite designer pieces and best tips to stay positive in these unsettling #STAYHOME times [hitting the shelves end of this month - stay tuned!]

I also like to display my favourite designer pieces, such as sparkly dresses on my clothing rail and my Designer handbags. For me they are a piece of art, and a creative craftsmanship that I really enjoy surrounding myself with to feel inspired and even more creative.

I have realized that I often say to myself “I don’t have time” for those everyday life tasks (cooking, reading, meditating) etc.. Well, now is the perfect time to reflect and make the best of the time that we have got. These are unsettling and uncertain times, but I have learned to accept and embrace change as growth.


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