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The Sights And Simple Leisure At Zanzibar

#HALMTeamTravels to Zanzibar, Tanzania

Photography + Words by Cheryl Cathcart

Born and bred in Scotland (UK) having travelled most of my life with my previous career, I still have a strong passion to visit and explore new places! Zanzibar has been on the bucket list for while and with our home city Dubai being a hub of the world, we are lucky to have the opportunity to jump short flights such exotic destinations.

A spontaneous trip alone to Zanzibar during the EID break was exactly what came to my mind after this crazy and unknown year. Although I was told the month of May was off peak and rainy season for Zanzibar– I can genuinely say it didn’t change my mind and in return the power of positive thinking worked with me and I had sunshine all week.

“It was such a beautiful & blissful place to visit – perfect to switch off and recharge.”

I had chosen to stay in one area for my whole trip; The Palms, Zanzibar based in the South East Coast. An exclusive private resort with only seven private villas. It was the most perfect peaceful, tranquil getaway—  absolute paradise. Each morning I walked on the beach within the resort to get my daily steps in, looking upon the Indian Ocean and then returned for breakfast in my own private Cabana awaiting to be assisted by the most wonderful attentive staff. 

Apart from the exotic surroundings, the main factor I noticed in Zanzibar was the local’s personality and attitude towards life— they were ridiculously happy and grateful everyday. Always smiling and singing away, I had super interesting conversations with some of the hotel staff, they knew everything about their culture and island. Excited to share small tips and stories within the area. Their happiness radiated, giving me a new lease of life! 

For myself personally, I was happy to spend most days reading my books and listening to music on the beach or by the pool with my fresh coconut! This vacation was a time to take a break and regenerate. 

However, on the day I was going for my mandatory Covid test (as yes we could travel but covid isn’t quite gone yet!) my driver managed to persuade me into taking the tour of ‘Stone Town’ as well as to participate in a ‘Spice Tour’.

Both of which he knew an extensive amount of knowledge about so it left me intrigued and I couldn’t say no. Admittedly, it was an excellent experience and I’m glad I let him talk me round.

On that note, there is so much more to do and see for such a small island and definitely worth pre-planning trips to explore more areas!

On my next trip I would be much more active now, I have seen its beauty and all there is to do. A few areas on my Zanzibar bucket list are; North of Zanzibar, you can find a natural lagoon full of sea turtles - Baraka Aquarium and also the famous Rock Restaurant to have some delicious food with a view.

The ‘World is our Oyster’ as they say…. And I want to see it all!